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About Probe:

When cooperating Jowita Radzińska and Małgorzata Radziszewska within the research performed by the Institute of Justice on the perspectives and obstacles to mediation development in penal cases in Poland in the judge opinions, we became convinced of their unique insight and creativity in creating the focus group interviews scenarios. Discussions in the four groups of judges were performed professionally with a great sense of mediation and culture. Technical content of the research report was of high quality and its form – presentation in an eye-catching graphic layout – allowed for its use during several scientific meetings and conferences. Effectiveness and efficiency of research convinced us to commission further FGIs to Probe, this time in the four groups of public prosecutors. These were performed equally effectively and the report – also in the form of innovative presentation – was perfect. Reliability and timeliness of research also need emphasizing. Therefore, we intend to continue our cooperation with Jowita Radzińska and Małgorzata Radziszewska in other research projects.

Dobrochna Wójcik, Professor, PhD
Beata Czarnecka-Dzialuk, PhD
Institute of Justice, Warsaw

I have cooperated with the Probe Poland researchers for more than a year and must admit that I am impressed by their professionalism, timeliness and focus on methodological details.
Upon delivery of several projects in Poland and Eastern Europe I have to admit that such level of cooperation is hardly feasible in large research agencies.
I deeply recommend cooperating with Probe Poland!

Rafał Kwiatek
Analyst / Market Researcher
Young Digital Planet SA

I am deeply satisfied with my cooperation with Probe Poland. The company has flexible approach to the individual nature of performed research, which had a significant impact on the form of the final report.

Marek Tobota
Account Manager

My cooperation with Jowita Radzińska within the projects managed by the Office of the Spokesman for Civil Rights commenced at the social research on accessibility of public election for elderly and disabled persons. This was the first research performed within the operations of the Spokesman for Civil Rights as the Authority for Equal Treatment, therefore technical support offered by Jowita was highly appreciated and the level of preparation and performance of the interviews was a great reference point for future research. We also had the opportunity to cooperate directly in research on the situation of elderly people on the financial services market. The research report was supplemented by several chapters describing the case from different points of view. Jowita was invited to act as our co-author of the article combining legal and ethical analysis of the message presented by the financial products advertisements focused on elderly people. This chapter was borne with a ‘great’ comment by the editor of the entire report.

Anna Chabiera
Specialist in the Office of the Spokesman for Civil Rights, coordinator of works related to the Office research projects

I have cooperated with Gosia Radziszewska for years. Research projects performed by Gosia are professional, in line with research principles and in great atmosphere.

Maria Gerszewska
Market Research Division Manager

Małgosia Radziszewska has unique skills of designing, preparing and performing research adapted to specific needs of a researched sector. Her openness at each stage of the research process and ability to see a wider context of research in the company’s strategy make Małgosia a great guide in communicating often difficult results and working them out with the internal clients.

Radosław Ziółek
Head of Programme Research and Analysis Division

I worked with Gosia many times.
She is a recognized expert in research, able to match research to the client’s needs, adapt the tools to support rather than only complete one more task. Working with her is a great pleasure. During multiple FGIs Gosia taught me that research is the way to success rather than one more item in the business plan.
Let me make the best recommendation. For the question: whom do we commission the research to, I’ll respond: „no matter to what company – the point is to have Małgosia Radziszewska as the research team leader!”

Adam Fijałkowski
Vice-President of the Management Board
Programme and Promotion Director
Agora Radio Group

I certainly recommend cooperation with Gosia Radziszewska, with whom I delivered several research project on product building, communication and customer needs research. I highly appreciate Gosia for her unique creativeness in approach to research and high professionalism.  

Maciej Borecki
Marketing Research Team Manager
Totalizator Sportowy



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