Probe Poland understands and appreciates diversity. We don’t adapt research problems to ready-to-use methodological solutions – we create them individually. Flexibility is the key at the designing stage. At the delivery stage – order and high quality standards. The results include implementing reliable and effective solutions into practice. Research is only the beginning.


POP – Probe Online Platform

POP is a platform dedicated to online research. Up to this moment, we have performed several dozen online research projects. We tested many solutions available on the market and understand what elements are needed for success of this methodology and what the greatest challenges are. POP is the effect of our experience and knowledge, a tool for individual in-depth research of lifestyles and brand connections (POP Journal) and a platform for asynchronous discussions (POP Assembly). We perform online IDIs and FGIs.







Years of experience convinced us of the importance of gaining knowledge and „getting into the shoes” of those responsible for brand success. STEP was developed with a view to brands and companies willing to enter a new market, e.g. foreign companies entering Polish market, local companies on country-wide market or switching one category into the other. The field of exploration is extensive and designed for specific cases. The project measures the market potential on one hand and enables familiarizing with the context for building the consumer – new brand/product context on the other hand.

Probe BoardGame

A projection method adapted to the respondent’s age (from pre-schoolers to seniors). This allows for tracking the consumer decisions at the source i.e. gain knowledge and understand the emotions. Our games act as a stimulation increasing direct involvement of the respondents. They allow us to understand the core of the research case: product, brand or concept at the analytic level.

Adventure BoardGame


Qualitative research


‘Face to face’ interviews between the respondent and moderator. Helpful in gaining knowledge on individual needs, motivation and preferences and case-specific language. Ideal solution for difficult, intimate and requiring thorough analysis cases. Optimum solution for almost unavailable respondents. For us there are no such things as limitations of time or space – we meet in the offices of the presidents of the largest companies, on the park benches with young mothers and in pubs with young people in the evenings.

Diads and Triads

Interview of the moderator with two (Diads) or three (Triad) respondents. Controlled dynamics of interactions combined with high-level of in-depth analysis. An ideal method for showing decision-making processes, e.g. diad with the spouses; processes of negotiating and clarifying the opinions, attitudes, etc., e.g. confronting opposite arguments.


Moderated group interviews are a form of discussion of several people focused on a given case. It allows for gaining knowledge and understanding the needs and preferences of the consumers. FGI enables identifying case-specific arguments, negotiation processes and forming attitudes in social interaction conditions. Optimum space for in-depth analysis of the opinions, qualitative testing of the concepts and products and creating new ideas. We perform different group interviews with a view to optimization of the solutions: mini FGI, Extended FGI, Expert, Creative, Affinity, Clash and Brief FGI.

Badania Jakościowe


Translating the results into business is as important for us as research itself. A workshop is usually an active, group work on the marketing use of the research results. We invite people competent in different fields on the client’s side (marketing, production, etc.), an advertising agency, graphic artists, and creative respondents; that is all those, whose work has any impact on effective strategy implementation. We are also involved in organization of creative and cognitive workshops that involve lectures, site visits, and exploration of Polish culture and traditions. We cooperate with the experts in various fields.

Ethnographic research

We apply ethnographic methods to gain better knowledge and understanding of consumers. We do not wish to ‘pull it out’ of the social context, but observe in a natural environment, including the Internet. Elements of ethnography in qualitative research present unlimited opportunities of in-depth analysis. We apply participant observation and ethnographic interviews. We willingly invite the representatives of the selected group to ‘co-observe’. We do shopping, cook and bake and play at events. All these to see how the goods are actually consumed.

Quantitative research:

We ask questions, check and count. Quantitative validation is ‘hard data’ for qualitative exploration. We use different techniques (PAPI,CAPI, CATI, CAWI, omnibus research). Our research include U&A, segmentation and price research, concept and product tests and mystery shopper.

Badania Ilościowe



Our mission

Good projects
that build the success
of the strategy.